Spitwater Cleanmatic Water Blaster

$540.00 including GST
Spitwater Cleanmatic Water Blaster
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The high pressure water cleaner for around the house.


  • Output - 7 l/m - 420 l/h
  • Motor - 1.58kW-240V-50Hz-7A
  • Weight - 11kg

Included accessories

  • 7m high pressure hose
  • High pressure gun
  • Lance with variable angle jet
  • Detergent kit

Optional Accessories

  • Rotokit - Turbo Lance Increases E.W.E. (Equivalent Washing Effect) to 2400psi.
  • Foamkit - Uses environmentally friendly foaming detergents to increase cleaning efficiency.
  • Drainkit - Clears blocked drains.
  • Sandkit - Wet Sand Blaster Removes scale and rust.Cleans cars, boats, trailers, 4WDs, motor bikes, lawn mowers, car engines, pool surrounds, steps, paving, patios, tennis court surfaces, outdoor furniture, BBQs, walls, windows & screens, fascias, gutters & roof areas.

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Price: $540.00 including GST
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